Donald from DonRubes ProductionGrowing up, I loved watching movies.  Some kids liked sports and others liked music, but I was always a big movie buff.  In high school, we had school projects involving video, and after my news teacher complimented me about shooting great videos, I went on to pursue film, graduating from Cal State Hayward in Communications with an emphasis on Broadcast News.  During college, classmates also saw my talent and paid me to edit video segments for their school video projects.

This is when I realized I could make a career out of doing what I loved. Inspired to pursue film as a career, I moved from Union City in northern California to Hollywood where there were many more opportunities.

In my 10 years of experience filming for HBO, reality TV shows, independent films, and Machinima (top gaming YouTube channel), there has been nothing quite like filming a wedding.  When shooting a wedding, I get the unique opportunity to tell a love story through the nervous glances, excited smiles, enthusiastic dancing, touching vows, emotional toasts, and moving music.  The video is a unique art form that commemorates the special day that a couple will cherish for the rest of their lives, and through video, they can relive and replay the precious moments of that special day for the rest of their lives.